Elliott McKnight is a Creative Director based in Atlanta, GA.

Elliott McKnight is a creative director based in Atlanta, GA. His expertise in design and marketing has led to increased revenue, brand awareness, and communication for multiple notable brands. Most recently, Elliott served as the digital brand strategist for Cxmmunity Media, a tech media with a mission to future-proof diversity in gaming.

He also served as creative director for Cam Kirk Studios, a content creation studio to average over 500 bookings per month. Previously, Elliott was a Brand Experience Manager for The Whitaker Group, a creative and experiential company that houses brands such as A Ma Maniere, Social Status, and APB.

During his career, it has allowed him to produce work alongside companies such as Nike, Adidas, Jordan Brand, Red Bull, Mountain Dew, House of Hoops, Twitch, and Atlanta United.

In Elliott’s personal endeavors, he co-created a creative project called Publik Library in 2019. It is a creative accessibility initiative designed to allow recognized artists and designers to showcase the media inputs that molded who they are today. The success of Publik Library led to over a thousand followers and led to features from publications such as Design Milk.

To support his philosophy of open-source creativity, Elliott created research + development in 2017. An immersive experience company intended to connect and support the early adopter community. With a direct reach of over 8,000 subscribers, Elliott has fostered a niche community of designers, artists, and creators that has turned into a reference point, learning hub, and tool for the future.

Artist Statement:

Elliott uses his personal experiences and cultural background to inspire his work as a creative director and immersive experience artist based in Atlanta, GA. His focus is on creating immersive experiences that captivate and engage audiencse, with the goal of building worlds that transport people to new and exciting places.

He believes that immersive experiences has the power to nurture storytelling in ways that the masses haven’t seen before, allowing him to push the boundaries of traditional storytelling and create experiences that are truly transformative. By immersing viewers in fully-realized environments, he’s able to connect with people on a deep level and celebrate the diversity of our world.

His goal is to create transformative experiences that inspire conversation, excitement, and reflection. Whether it’s through the use of innovative storytelling techniques or cutting-edge visual effects, Elliott is constantly striving to push the envelope and take his art to the next level. Overall, his mission is to use art to connect with people and create meaningful change in the world.