Elliott McKnight is a Creative Director based in Brooklyn, NY.

Project: Small World

Small World is more than just a VR vlog; it's your gateway to experience places, stories, and adventures in a whole new perspective! Shot in stunning 360-degree video, we take you from the realms of your imagination to the reality that you can virtually touch!

Project: Spheres

"Spheres" is a live immersive experience that focuses on educational workshops and creative activations related to 360 cameras and VR. The first and second installments were successful, attracting 700 and nearly 1,000 attendees, respectively. We’ve utilized VR headsets to showcase immersive art and host VR gaming tournaments.

Project: Sonic Room

Music often takes a backseat to other forms of communication, lacking dedicated venues like theaters for films. It is typically an additive rather than an essential component to experiences, heard in passing or as background noise. While streaming platforms offer convenience, they compromise audio quality. Live concerts can be costly, limiting access.

There is a need for a widely adopted, immersive music experience that honors the artist’s intention. By creating a hi-fi audio experience, we aim to provide a dedicated space where music can be truly appreciated, conveying its full depth and artistry.

Project: Black Imagination Spatial Environment

The Institute of Black Imagination is an international non-profit organization advancing education, policy, practice, and funding for the ascension of the black and brown creative class.

I developed a Spatial environment for Black Imagination to give their users a VR environment for their users to interact.

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Project: Kickchella AR Filter

Project: Ask Cam Filter

Project: Omar Mitchell Gallery Filter

The process of booking an appointment with Cam Kirk Studios is vital for not only the user but for the studio itself. We asked ourselves, how do we allow clients to have a full understanding of what they are booking without having to leave their home, especially after the effects of COVID-19? Our solution was to use 360 photography to create a virtual tour for the studio.