Elliott McKnight is a Creative Director based in Atlanta, GA.
ROLE: Digital Brand Strategist

Cxmmunity Media is a media-tech company on a mission to future-proof diversity in gaming, media, and tech. 
CXM launched the nation's first-ever Collegiate Esports League for the Nation's Historically Black Colleges & Universities. 

My role as the digital brand strategist was to provide an overall strategy for the Cxmmunity Media (CXM) brand as well as owned and operated properties (HBCU Esports League, The Kickback, CXM productions). Managing the brand’s social identity, voice, and presence online. Develop and implement culturally relevant, forward-thinking, consumer-centric digital marketing initiatives with the goal of growing the overall CXM audience. Guidance, and strategy development for all competitive gaming (esports) initiatives and productions. 

Project: MTN DEW Real Change Challenge

Mountain Dew continues to make a tangible investment into underrepresented gamers, in year two, DEW tapped on the HBCU Esports League to create the largest collegiate esports tournament in history at $500,000. 

Project: House of Hoops Beat ‘Em Challenge

HBCU Esports partnered with House of Hoops to host a series of challenges that would send one HBCU student to an all-expense paid All-Star Weekend ‘23 in Salt Lake City. Pairing one gamer with one student, winner takes all! Guests include Queen Khamyra, iPodKingCarter, Keats, and Shade Jenifer. 


Project: Championships Creed Cup

The Champions Creed Cup Featuring Fortnite was a gaming tournament on Twitch with a $15,000 prize pool. 


A weekly IRL event connecting gamers, professionals, and culutre movers in the city of Atlanta.